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Hiphop Angel's World

On this page I'll list previous issues of my the articles and poems that have been posted. As well as an events calendar.

Hiphop Cafe presents Balance in Hiphop Celebration

September 29,2003

@ The Cajun Kitchen/ Somber Reptile (842 Marietta Street, Atlanta,Ga.)

MassAppeal Media presents Hiphop Cafe's Balance in Hiphop, Celebrating Hiphop and its history, as well as its change. Hiphop has taught us so much and we are Celebrating her birth as well The Hiphop Angel's birth. Angie of MassAppeal Media celebrates her B-day!!!!

So be prepared to act a fool!!! It's gonna be off the chain because it is your opportunity to unite and network while having a great time!
Featuring "Free Your Mind", Special Guest Performances and "The Cypha" Doors open @ 9pm

Sponsored by:

w w w . P O O J O E . c o m

To RSVP email

These sessions give women the opportunity to gather together and EVOLVE in Love.  We talk about life challenges and how to overcome them by first realizing and knowing that We Are the Creators of Our Experiences.  It is also a time where we learn from each other and have fun experiencing LIFE through:
  • Ceremonies and Celebrations of Milestones and Experiences
  • Picking apples in an orchard together
  • Enjoying outdoor activities such as volleyball, cookouts, hiking, etc.
  • Understanding Hiphop Kulture and "foundating" it
  • Embracing our Feminine Essence to Heal and Nurture
  • Becoming ONE with Universal Principals and being able to recognize them in every aspect in Life
  • Becoming ONE with Self and knowing your An-atom-y (anatomy) and the magnificence of Your Body.
  • Learning the Correlation between the 7 Circuits of Your Brain and the 7 Chakras In Your Body
  • Seeing how your environment is a Reflection of YOU and how to rearrange some things according to your lifestyle.
  • Realizing how your diet and lifestyle effects You.  When your conscious changes, so does your diet (and the people around you).
  • Having support from women around you when you're just "stuck"
  • Removing lack and allowing abundance!
  • Knowing that EVERYTHING is created Spiritually FIRST and then physically manifested
  • Allowing Mother Earth to be our Teacher
  • Appreciating and acknowledging our Elders.
  • Know who you Are by creating a Family Tree!
  • Allowing your Creativity to come out and flourish
  • Guests will come and bless us with knowledge in just about anything including dance!  So be prepared to just let go we you come to these sessions.
This list can go on and on...this is just a brief synopsis of what we will get into in some of the sessions.  The main thing is, this is about You and allow yourself to HAVE FUN and enjoy Life in the moment. Whatever you have to bring and share, please feel free.  At the moment, there is no charge for these sessions.  We do ask for a donation to help with refreshments, and any field trips or guests we may have.