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Hiphop Angel's World
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"Free Your Mind"

This is where we really share our world and I post your poems, comments that you email.

Comments on your likes or dislikes on Hiphop

Subject:  Coming together and really uniting!

I am tired of people using Hiphop to their advantage.  I am tired of people dissing Hiphop and how we allow them.  I am tired of people who do rap music and claim to be HIphop disrespect real Hiphoppas.  They are portraying this wack ass image to make themselves look good.  What the deal? 
I am tired of being tired.

Poetry Corner

Silent Feelings

Silently as a tear fell

I knew what that meant

My heart dropped

And silence was kept


My fears are affront

My fears are behind

My fears cause the silence

The silent rhymes


The words in my heart

The same in my head

The silence ones

Yeah, why I cry instead


Instead of verbally wording

The words that I feel

It is almost impossible

For me to keep it real


For so so long

I have had the needs

As well as the wants

There is no room for greed


I take what I can

It can be minutes 1-10

It could be a second to 2

But I appreciate the friend


The friend I have in you

Yeah thats what u are

A friend who shines

Just like a star


The silence is kept

But I want to speak my mind

About you and me

The word I shall soon find


You might walk away

And leave me again heartbroken

For the feelings I have

So Ill be left unspoken.

What Music Are you feeling?

Subject:  Sol Uprising is rising

Lil Sci and Stacy Epps are rockin right now on the West Coast.  I mean, WOW!!!  Takin Hiphop to the next level, they are definitely doing that.  I would love for every radio station, Underground and Mainstream to play them!!!
They will take our Kulture to the top.