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Hiphop Angel's World
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Sista Sessions

Are You ready for the Ultimate Relationship?

This session is opened for and women, couples and singles! Reverend Shaneetha (also known as Dr. Love) will grace us with her presence and knowledge of relationships. She is the co-author of the book "If I am Dreaming May I Never Wake Up". She is a psychic spiritual counselor, does past life regressions to help in healing the past, teaches beginning and advanced meditation classes, performs Magical Marriage Ceremonies that creates and attracts one's twin flame, teaches techniques to help you manifest your twin flame, does spiritual consultations, does marriage counseling, and performs actual marriage nuptials! This Sista is truly gifted and all of us members of Sista Sessions are honored to have her here to speak with us. So grab a pillow, your mate, your friend or just yourself and come to relax and be blessed. Dr. Love is bringing a loving Sista with her named AnneMarie. She will be selling her LOVE baths. You don't wanna miss out on that!!! This Sista creates other baths as well to support you in any challenges in your life.

****Please note the start time (3:00pm). Also, for ladies that have not registered for Sista Sessions, please do so at****

If you are bringing food or snacks? Please come 15-30 minutes earlier. Let's honor our sacred time together-beginning and ending.

If you can not understand the map included here, you can obtain directions from

******In honoring the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving, a Love Offering will be collected at the session. Thank you.*******

More events to come